Law firm Winton s.r.o. (WINTON law firm) was established in 2009. It represents dynamically growing law office which aim and credo is to provide professional legal services focused on clients.

In a short time since the establishment of the WINTON law firm, the scope of the services provided by the company and required by clients has grown to such extent that the company has gradually developed into a professional and experienced team of lawyers – experts in particular legal services with expertise in various areas of legal advice who personally provide professional services to home and foreign clients according to their specific requirements.

Currently team of WINTON law firm experienced lawyers with many years of practice and if necessary with experts from cooperating law firms, tax consultants or experts from other areas provide our clients with comprehensive legal services in all fields of law as well as complex organization of projects (the so-called Project Management). 

Through that, WINTON law firm can conduct substantial and complex transactions and also fulfil the non standard demands of its clients. 

Many multinational companies and their local subsidiaries and well- established Slovak and Czech companies, mainly engaged in trade, services, banking, building, IT, finance, transport and real estate subjects belong to the current clients of the WINTON law firm. 

Each case taken by the WINTON law firm is solved by a team of people composed of one or several lawyers depending on the nature and complexity of the case.

When addressing the needs of clients, the approach of the WINTON law firm is based on thorough knowledge of business activities, internal structure and needs of the clients, which enables the WINTON law firm to offer prompt, appropriate and cost-effective solutions to the matters required by the clients.

WINTON law firm also provides complex and comprehensive consulting services in area of public procurement.

For each client the WINTON law firm is the guarantee of the comprehensive services corresponding to the nature of a particular case taking into account all other aspects of the client’s needs beyond the scope of legal advice connected with the exercise of advocacy.