We will get the money from public sources to you
We will get the money from public sources to you

State Aid

EU Funds

Winton has a long standing experience in EU structural funds within which an experienced team of lawyers provides a legal assistance directly to the authorities (i.e. analysis of legal environment in Europe and the rules for accessing funds arising from EU legislation, setting up of program documentation, analysis of potential beneficiaries, supporting projects etc.), as well as to the beneficiaries themselves (i.e. representation in dealing with public authorities, preparation of expert statements, opinions, legal actions, representation in public procurement etc.)

Other forms of assistance

AK Winton disposes with a waste know-how regarding other forms of state aid (i.e. investment aid, micro-loan program, individual help etc.) within which we offer a project assistance (i) provided to the beneficiaries, including mainly a legal assistance for submission of an aid application and relevant contractual documentation, representing the beneficiaries in relation to the provider, communication with relevant public administration and also (ii) providing assistance to a provider himself for ensuring compliance with the rules of the state aid procedure and for projects carried out through the public sector. Our legal team is ready to ensure and to provide assistance in representing the client in dealing with the procedures against the State.